Only natural dairy products!

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Kursk Milk Factory

  • HACCP system

    HACCP system

    The HACCP system is used to protect the company from biological, chemical, physical and other risks of contamination.

  • High Quality

    High Quality

    Stable high quality of the products. It’s ensured by the multilevel control system.

  • Sales geography

    Sales geography

    As for today – over 6 federal districts and over 5 republics.

  • Natural components

    Natural components

    We choose only natural high-quality raw materials meeting technical regulations.

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Cheese is rich with protein and numerous healthy elements. The vitamin and mineral complex is different and depends on the methods of production, raw materials and variety of cheese.

We produce cheese only from selected fat milk and natural ingredients.  

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Dairy butter

Dairy butter is an integral component of delicious pastry, rich porridge, sweet-smelling pancakes and such nourishing sandwiches and croutons.

We make sure that you always have a product, which quality you can trust, on your table. Our Quality Control Division knows that too much butter won't spoil the porridge.

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It’s hard to imagine a fast and tasty breakfast without hot bread, right from the toaster. Our spreads are a great addition to any breakfast.

It perfectly fits those who keep their figure – the spread is a low-calorie product and will be a good addition to diet cereals.

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+7 (4712) 512-444 +7 (4712) 512-444 1 9 Yanvarya st., Kursk

If you have any questions, make a request and we’ll contact you.

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